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Jesus The King

Welcome to Jesus The King Greek Melkite Catholic Church

Welcome to Jesus The King Greek Melkite Catholic Church

Welcome to Jesus The King Greek Melkite Catholic ChurchWelcome to Jesus The King Greek Melkite Catholic ChurchWelcome to Jesus The King Greek Melkite Catholic Church


Oct. 23rd - Nov. 2nd  

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TICO number 2370470


For reservations Contact Sabine / Tel: 905.477.5224


- Air Canada Non stop flight / Hotels based on 4* accommodations

 - Assistance on Arrival and Departure

- Transportation by luxury Air–Conditioned Motor coach

- Meals – (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included)

- Escort English speaking guide

- Tour as per listed itinerary

- Entrance fees according to the program

- Accommodation in DBL bedded room

  Double rooms can be 1 king size bed or twin 2 separate beds

Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule Based on 2 people per room

First payment due by March 31 –  CAD 465
Second payment due by May 14 – CAD 1,500
Final payment due by July 30 – CAD 1,500 

Payment Schedule Based on 1 person per room

First payment due by March 31 –  CAD 475
Second payment due by May 14 – CAD 1,750
Final payment due by July 30 – CAD 1,750 

All Payments are NON REFUNDABLE

Cash/Cheque, Direct Deposit and Electronic Transfers no extra charge
Credit cards additional surcharge apply ( Visa 3% , AMEX 4%)

Mandatory Medical / Travel Insurance Required


Day 1: Nazareth / Tiberias


 Arrive at the holy land and travel to our hotel in Nazareth / Tiberias.


The remainder of the date is free to walk, relax, and have dinner. The time is right for a personal devotional to know each other.

Dinner and overnight in Nazareth or Tiberias 

Day 2: Sea of Galileo, Capernaum Tqabha, Mt. of Beatitudes, Yardenit


We will visit Jesus Ministry around the seat of Galilee followed by a boat ride on the seat of Galilee. Visit mount of Beatitudes (Mat 5, 6, 7 & 8) where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount. See the famous chapel, constructed in 1939 by the noted architect Antonio Barluzzi and enjoy the view. We continue to Capernaum (Mat 4:13, Mat 13:54 Mat 17:24, Luke 7) where it’s believed to have been Jesus’ home and the centre of his ministry. Here we can stand in what is left of the synagogue in which Jesus ministered and where he performed many miracles and it’s in Capernaum where Peter’s mother-in-law lived and was healed. 

We visit Jesus’ synagogue and the house of St. Peter and then proceed to the primacy of Peter, where Jesus appeared to his disciples after the resurrection and where he performed the miraculous catch of the 153 fish and conferred Church authority upon Peter. Visit Tabgha – the site of the feeding of the 5000 and primacy of Peter. 

Church of multiplication with its 4thCentury mosaic floor. Lunch at St. Peter’s fish. 

We will then travel to Yardenit – the baptismal site of Jesus right at the Jordan River.  At the Northern side of the sea of galileo. 

Dinner and overnight in Nazareth / Tiberias. 

Day 3: Megiddo – Nazareth – Cana of Galilee


Following Breakfast, we travel through the Jezreel Valley to Megiddo, the Armageddon Battlefield, where archaeologists have unearthed 20 levels of civilization. 

Mt. Tabor where tradition places the transfiguration of Jesus. We then proceed to Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus, Holy Mary and St. Joseph, this was their home after the hotel family returned from fleeing to Egypt to escape Herod the Great’s soldiers. We will also visit the church of the annunciation, Holy Mary’s house and St. Joseph’s workshop. 

Proceed to Cana, we visit the wedding church where we renew our marriage vows at the place where Jesus performed his first public miracle (the turning of water into wine at the wedding feast. 

Shopping time. 

Dinner and Overnight in Nazareth / Tiberias 

Day 4: Golan Heights, Caesarea Philippi – Eilaboun Village


We start with traveling to Golan Heights, where we’ll inspect some amazing archaeological sites, as well as the flora, fauna and people of this zone. We’ll also mention its biblical and historical context. Next stop at Caesarea Philippi – the site of Peter’s confession. 

Evening visit to Eilaboun Village – Visit the Church of St. Peter. Then meeting with locals of the village for Folklore evening. 

Dinner and overnight in Nazareth / Tiberias 

Day 5: Caesarea – Haifa – Mt. Carmel – Akko


We travel along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to Caesarea Martima, where Gentiles first heard the Good news from Peter and were baptized. 

We’ll see the Roman Amphitheatre, hippodrome, a film on history and the remains of this famous port city and aqueduct and then journey on to Haifa to visit Bahai Gardens, Stella Maris and then proceed to Mt. Carmel, where Elijah challenged King Ahab and the prophets of Baal. 

On to visit Akko – old city of Akko. 

Dinner and overnight in Nazareth / Tiberias 

Day 6: Jericho – Qumran – Dead Sea



We pass ancient Jericho and visit the Sycamore tree which Zaccheus the tax collector climbed to get a view of Jesus. We will also visit the Mt. Temptation which Christ was tempted by the devil during his 40 days fast and view from a distance this city famed as the oldest city in the world. 

Before coming to the Jordan River (Queser El Yehud) the Israeli side of Bethany Beyond the Jordan, the place where John the Baptist baptized Jesus, where Elijah and Elisha crossed the Jordan as well as the area where the children of Israel led by Joshua entered the Promised Land. 

Afterwards we pass near Ein Gedi. Next, we visit Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. This afternoon we will take part in the Genesis Land in Abraham’s Tent, where we enjoy a trip back in time: a reliving of life in the time of the Patriarchs, complete with costume, dramatic presentation and camel ride – Dead Sea. 

Dinner and overnight in Bethlehem. 

Day 7: Jerusalem


Start our day from the top of Mount Olives where the Lord ascended into heaven (Acts 1) we will have a view across the Kidron Valley to the eastern gate where the prince of peave will enter (Ezekiel 44). Visit the church of Ascension and we pass by Pater Noster church and visit Donius Flevit where the “lord wept: as he beheld the Holy City. 

Through Palm Sunday road proceed down to the Gethsemane where we will see 2000 year odl olive trees that date back to the time of Christ. Bascillica of the Agony and Tomb of St. Mary a dimly-lit, below ground church where a Christian tradition says the mother of Jesus was buried. The traditional house of Caipas where Peter denied Jesus thrice and where Jesus was kept in the dungeon. 

Drive to Mt. Zion, visit the upper room (Luke 22), Lord’s Supper, visit King David tomb, dormition abbey, the cenacle room of his master, where two major events in the early Christian church are commemorated: The Last Super and the coming of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and walk through the Jewish quarter. 

Visit St. Peter at Galicantu of the most tricking church in Jerusalem commemorates the Apostle Peter’s triple denial of his master, his immediate repentance and his reconciliation with Christ after the resurrection. 

Dinner and overnight in Bethlehem. 

Day 8: Bethlehem and Jerusalem


 Visit Bethlehem – Visit the Church of the Nativity (birthplace of Jesus), then the Milk grotto, place where the Holy Family found refuge during the “slaughter of the innocents:, before they could flee to Egypt. The name is derived from the story that a “drop of milk” of the Virgin Mary fell on the floor of the cave and changed its colour to white. 

Proceed to Shepherd field where an angel appeared to announce the birth of Jesus. 

In the evening visit the old city of Jerusalem – visit St. Anne church and the pool of Bethesda. 

We will walk the station of the Way of the cross – the Via Dolorosa – the way of the cross (14 Stations of the Cross) to visit Judgment hall of Pilate, church of flagellation all the way to the church of the holy Sepulcher. 

We visit Valvary, Golgotha and Western Wall (Wailing Wall) in the old city of Jerusalem. 

Tomb of Lazarus 

Dinner and overnight in Bethlehem. 

Day 9: Emmaus Nicopolis – Abu Gosh – Ein Karem – Lod – Jaffa


Visit Emmaus Nicopolis, the village in which Jesus first appeared after the Resurrection – Abu Gosh.


Visit Eind Karem and see the birth place and church of the St. John the Baptist and the basilica of the Visitation (where Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth) also visit Mary’s spring. 

Proceed to Lod – visit St. George’s Church 

And the visit Jaffa – St. Peter’s Church – site of the Healing of Tabitha by St. Peter. Simon the Tanner’s House. 

Dinner and overnight in Bethlehem. 

Day 10: Depart back to Canada


After Breakfast – transfer to Ben Gurion Airport